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Season 1(2019)

Type Thiwat is a handsome freshman with a passion for football and spicy food. Although he’s a friendly boy, he hates gay people because, in his childhood, he was molested by a man. His life turns upside down when the new academic year of college brings along a charismatic roommate, Tharn Kirigun. Tharn is a gorgeous, compassionate music major, who is also openly gay. When Type learns this, he is determined to make Tharn leave the dorm, as he won’t live with a gay person. Tharn is equally determined not to give into Type’s homophobic tantrums. With a gay guy and a homophobic guy that have to share a small space together for the rest of the year — what can possibly be the outcome of their story? Hatred? Or maybe

TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love(2020)

Type and Tharn have been together for seven years and both are enjoying their mostly harmonious life. They do still bicker and meet up with university friends. Now both working adults, Type and Tharn face difficult issues, as they learn that life isn’t always just flowers and candies. Can they overcome their challenges or will they be defeated by them?

TharnType Special: Lhong’s Story(2019)

Lhong, Tharn’s best friend, wants to be more than that. But instead of waiting patiently, he plots against Tharn’s loved ones in the most terrible ways. Only to be there to comfort Tharn when he is left heartbroken. Believing no-one else could love Tharn more than him, Lhong hopes that his feelings will finally be returned. This is considered episode 11.5 of the TharnType Series.

TharnType Special: Our Final Love(2020)

Set after the events of the series, Tharn and Type have been dating for four years already. Still very much in love, they remember the first time Type introduced Tharn to his family but Type’s father might not be as supportive as they hoped him to be.

TharnType 2 Special: The Wedding Day(2021)

Set after the events of TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love, this epilogue episode features the proposal, wedding and honeymoon of Tharn and Type as they live happily ever after.

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