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This list only contains those series with CONFIRMED casts. Leave a comment if I forgot something😉👍 I’ll keep the list updated.


🟢Tuesday: Y-Destiny

🟢Wednesday: Siew Sum Noi เสี่ยวซำน้อย 

🟢Thursday: Close Friend The Series

🟢Friday: Nitiman The Series 

🟢Friday: Fish Upon the Sky

🟢Friday: Top Secret Together 

🟢Sunday: Hidden Love

🎯May 27👉I Told Sunset About You Part2


🎯March/April 👉What Zabb Man 

🎯June/July 👉Between Us The Series

🎯July👉The Best Story 

🎯August 👉KinnPorsch 


2gether The Movie 

Absolute Zero the Series 

Art Adore En The Series

Bad buddy 

Baker Boys (not really BL) 

Bed Friend Series

Bite Me

Bitter Sweet (My Engineer casts)  

Brothers season 2

Cutie Pie Series

Destiny of Love ภพรัก

Destiny Seeker The Series

Emergency Love


Fahlanruk The Series

From Zero to Hero

Game on the Series 

Golden Blood

Love Area the Series

Love Mechanics  

Love Stage 

Middle Love พี่เจตคนกลาง

Mr. Bad Guy The Series

My Boy the Series วุ่นนักรักซะเลย 

My Engineer 2 

My Last Love ฮักแรกคือเขาฮักเจ้าฮักสุดท้าย​

My Ride 

My Single the Series เหตุผลที่ผมอยากโสด 

Not Me เขาไม่ใช่ผม 

Our Stories

Secret Admirer the Series 

Secret Crush on You แอบหลงรัก 

Seven Project (Wabi Sabi)

Tell The World Love You (postponed)

That’s My Candy

The Bangkok Boys Series

The Miracle of Teddy Bear 

The Sweet Robot 

The Theory Series – ทฤษฎีรัก

The victory Academy (So Much in Love sequel)

Tomorrow Love พรุ่งนี้ไม่สายที่จะรักกัน  

You’re My Sky

หนังสือรุ่น (The Yearbook)


Upcoming BL & BL themed drama

F: Facebook | IG: Instagram | Y: YouTube | T: Twitter | W: Weibo | B: Bilibili | O: Other

Those with release dates


  • Nitiman the series (นิติแมนแฟนวิศวะ) [T] : 7th May
  • SiewSumNoi (เสี่ยวซำน้อย) [F] : 12th May
  • Top Secret Together [IG |F] : 14th May
  • The Most Peaceful Place Season 2 [Y | F] : 14th May
  • Be Loved in House [T | F | IG] : 20th May
  • The Love’s Outlet [F] 20th May
  • Mẹ Chồn Dâu Cáo [F | Y]
  • Pa-Mine Pare [IG] : 21st May
  • Saan, Sana Tayo sa Himig ng Musika [Y | F | IG] : 21st May
  • I Told Sunset about You Part 2 [T | IG] : 27th May
  • My Chinito Prince [Y] : 31st May
  • 2gether the movie [F | IG | Y | T] : 4th June (Japan)
  • Country Boy [F | Y: 15th June
  • Bed Weather [F] : 16th June
  • Golden Blood รักมันมหาศาล [T] : 23rd June
  • Ossan’s Love Hong Kong version [F | Y | IG] : June
  • Given [T] : 17th July
  • Gameboys The Movie [Y | IG] : 30th July
  • The Best Story [T | IG | F] : July
  • You’re My Sky [IG] : October
  • 55:15 Never Too Late [F | IG | Y | T]
  • Bad Buddy [F | IG | Y | T]
  • Baker Boys [F | IG | Y | T]
  • Between us [T/T] (Hemp Rope)
  • Enchanté [F | IG | Y | T]
  • Eye Contact [F]
  • Kumasta Bro? The Series [Y | F]
  • Love Mechanics
  • Meet Me in Bangkok [T | Y | IG | F]
  • Middle Love [T]
  • Not Me [F | IG | Y | T]
  • The Player [F | IG | Y | T]
  • Semantic Error
  • What Did You Eat Yesterday? Movie [O]
  • Y.U? [IG | Y | F]
  • ฮักแรกคือเขาฮักเจ้าฮักสุดท้าย (My Last Love) : [T]
  • รักวุ่นวายของนายรสแซบ [T | Y | F | IG]

Upcoming but no release date

  • 2Moons3 : The Ambassador [F | T] (New cast, none of the previous cast are taking part)
  • 7 Project [Y]
  • Absolute Zero [T] (Rights brought for series)
  • Amore the Movie [Y | F] (A retelling of the Amore series from the director’s new company, with new cast)
  • Art Adore En The series [T | F | IG]
  • ArYa: Lakbay Serye [Y | IG | F]
  • One Day Pag Ibig Ikaw at Ako [F]
  • Be A Friend [F | Y]
  • Beat It the series [| IG | Y]
  • Because of You 2020 series 2
  • Bed Friend series [T]
  • Better Days Book 2 [Y | T | F | IG]
  • Bittersweet [IG]
  • Unknown Future Comics x Studio Blue Joint Production [O]
  • Boys Next Door [T | Y | F]
  • Brothers Season 2 [F]
  • Brown x Coco [F]
  • Call it What you Want season 2 [O | T]
  • Chemistry in Love [T | F | Y | IG
  • Create Infinite Series Y Project 2021 [F]
  • Cutie Pie Series [F | T | IG]
  • Dear Cupid, Please Come to get the Subpoena and Dear Doctor, I’m Coming for Soul [T(?)] (Casting)
  • Destiny Seeker The Series [T | F | IG]
  • Don’t Say No [T | IG | F]
  • Emergency Love the series
  • Explore the Series [Y | F]
  • Fah Lun Rak [F | T | IG]
  • Gameboys 2 [Y | IG]
  • GameOn the series [T | IG]
  • Grab a Bite : ส่งร้อน เสิร์ฟรัก [T]
  • He Called Me…? 2 [Y]
  • Idol Am I [T | IG | Y]
  • In My Mind the series [F | IG | T]
  • Inn Love [F]
  • Innocence the series [F/F | IG |T]
  • Innocent (Full version)
  • In Your Heart (在你心之所向的地方) [W | T]
  • KinnPorsche The Series [F]
  • Knock Out Engineering วิศวะเกียร์มัว & Check Out Engineering วิศวะเกียร์พยศ (by CLAZZICAL) (Purchased for adaptation)
  • La Cuisine (เมนูลับฉบับแก้มยุ้ย) [F]
  • Left Alone [Y]
  • Libulan at Sidapa [T]
  • Light (小光) [T | O]
  • Like Love 3 [W]
  • Limited Edition [Y | F]
  • Love and Chemistry [T]
  • Love Arena [Y | F | IG] (Postponed)
  • Love by Fehlar [T | Y]
  • Love Love you 3 Dawn of four maidens [F]
  • Loveless Society [T | F | IG]
  • Love Lies [T | Y]
  • Love of Time the series [F] (Rumoured to have been cancelled)
  • Love on Me Pare [F]
  • Love Stage (Thai) [T | F | IG]
  • Love Storm [T / T | F]
  • Love Syndrome [T | F]
  • Love Team : Boy’s Lockdown S2 [T | Y]
  • Lovesick The movie (Currently unknown if the cast will be the same as the series, most likely new cast) [T | F]
  • Lovin’ U [F | T]
  • Meow Ears Up น้องเหมียวในห้องผม [T]
  • Mi Amor (Amore SS2) [Y]
  • MIM [T | F | Y | IG]
  • Mr.Bad Guy (นิยายตัวร้าย) [F]
  • My [F]
  • My Boy the series [F | T] (Filming)
  • My Bromance 2 : Side Story [F | Y]
  • My Dear You [F]
  • My Destiny the series [T | IG | Y]
  • My Engineer SS2 [F | Y | IG | T]
  • My Ride the series [T]
  • Nighttime in the Suburb [Y | IG]
  • Oh My Gee! The Series [T | Y | IG | F]
  • Once in Memory [T | F | Y | IG]
  • Our Stories by YoeNim [F | IG]
  • Pass To Your Voice (สะพานปูน) [T | F]
  • Patrick Rangsimant novels that are possibly being adapted
    • ASLove [T]
    • The ‘Our Story’ (กังหันพัดโบก) [T]
    • Mirror Reflection (ใครในกระจก) [T]
    • My Imaginary Boyfriend [T]
  • Peach of Time [T]
  • Rainbow Prince [F]
  • Reminders SS2 [T] (Mean and Plan are the only cast that have been mentioned to be returning so far)
  • Sakristan: The Second Reading [Y | IG T | F]
  • Sea Him The Series Season 2 [Y]
  • Secret Admirer [T]
  • Secret Crush on You [T]
  • Seven Project [T] (Possible BL)
  • SILINGAN [F | Y | IG | T]
  • Status the series [IG | Y]
  • Stuck on You [T]
  • Summer Déjà-vu [Y]
  • Tarrar: The Series [F | Y]
  • Tell The World I LOVE YOU (บอกโลกให้รู้ว่ากูรักมึง) [IG | T] (Postponed until further notice)
  • That’s my Candy [IG | F]
  • The Bangkok Boys [F]
  • The Heart Accent Lamp [T | IG]
  • The Immerasuble [T | O]
  • The Status [IG]
  • The Sweet Robot [F | IG]
  • The Tale of the Tail [T]
  • The Theory Series [F | T | IG]
  • THE TUXEDO สูทรักนักออกแบบ [T]
  • The Victory Academy (So Much in Love SS2) [|IG | Y]
  • The Yearbook [T]
  • Tie the Not [F]
  • This Moment [Y] (This Night sequel)
  • Touch Your Mind [F]
  • Triage [T]
  • Turbulence [T | F]
  • U & I : The Series [T | IG] (recasting)
  • Unexpected [Y | IG | F]
  • When the Apple Falls in Love [T | F | Y | IG]
  • Why Love, Why? Season 2 [Y | F | T]
  • You are my Arm [F]
  • you f o : ยู เอฟ โอ [Y | F | IG]
  • You’re Always in my Heart (Nilundon) [F | Y]
  • Zero the series T | IG]
  • ขอโสดStory (My Single Series) [F]
  • หวานใจนายวิศวะ [F]
  • แพ้กุ้ง My Sidekick [T]
  • คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์ (by ปราปต์ ) (Purchased for adaptation)
  • บ้านซ่อนศพ (by สาววายรำพัน) (Purchased for adaptation)
  • น้องไอไลฟ์สด (by ++ saisioo ++) (Purchased for adaptation)
  • ม.4/1 คิดถึงจึงนั่งด้วย My Friendship [F | IG | Y | O]
  • คุณได้ไปต่อ (You’ve Gone On) [T | F]
    • Plus another Untitled BL series [T | F]
  • รักวุ่นวายนายรสแซ่บ (What Zabb Man!) [F/F | IG | Y]
  • ช่องวันอ่านเอา (Mon Meng Mang) [F | T | IG | Y | O]
  • คุณวิศวะขาโหดมาเป็นคนโปรดของผมเถอะครับTheSeries [F | T]
  • ขอดาวมาเคียงเดือน [F]
  • ដើម្បីស្នេហ៍ Just Love [Y | F | IG]
  • ส่งร้อนเสิร์ฟรักBiteMe [T | F | IG | Y]
  • ใส่รักป้ายสี (Sai Ruk Pai Si) [T]
  • 새빛남고학생회 (Saebitnam High School Student Association) [O]
  • เฟื่องนคร [T]
  • เดือนอิงดอย

Announced but Inactive/Cancelled

  • After I Love you [Y | F] (Can no longer find reference to it)
  • Alternative Love 2 [W] (Mentioned to have been released but no confirmation. The actors mentioned it in August 2018. Weibo account for the movie and actor have changed names)
  • BadMan and Cherry [F | IG] (No update since announcement)
  • Behind the Scene the series รักหลังฉาก [F | IG | T] (Facebook page closed, though Twitter and IG still up but not active)
  • BloodyBuddy เล่นให้ได้เลือด (by ปราปต์ ) [T | F | Y] (Released at festival but no word on if it will get a release elsewhere)
  • CRY=ซ่อนรัก [F] (No update since announcement)
  • Dear My Friend [F/F] (No recent updates)
  • Destiny Boy ฟ้าลิขิตหรือใครลิขิต [IG] (No update since announcement)
  • FLY IN SHALLOW [W | B] (Trailer and BTS released but nothing since. Another movie based on the same novel was released though not BL and with an entirely separate cast. BL version likely cancelled)
  • GUEST ผู้ชายขี้เหงากับภูเขาลูกใหญ่ [IG | Y] (IG closed, youtube channel under different name)
  • HBL The Series [IG]  (No updates since 2019)
  • HeartBeat the series [F | Y | IG] (Facebook page closed)
  • HIStory S2 Crossing the Line Movie [F| IG] (Cancelled, statement here)
  • HIStory S3 Make Our Days Count sequel [F| IG] (Never officially announced and not mentioned in the statement concerning Crossing the Line movie cancellation)
  • HUG Hill Aomkodpookhao Raoraknay อ้อมกอดภูเขา เรารักนาย [F] : (Originally set for release in 2019 but no updates)
  • Lady Boy Friends: เพื่อนกันมันส์ดี The New Class [F | IG] (No update since 2019)
  • LUCKY โชคดีที่รักเธอ [F/F | T] (Facebook updated Jan 2020 but no more information about series released)
  • Love by Cathy Doll short film series [F] (Shown at event only, no mass release.)
    • รักต้องตบ 
    • รักต้องถอน 
    • รักต้องรุก
  • Love Chase [IG] (Writer has left the production company and so the series will no longer be made under them. They have said the series may be made in the future.)
  • Love Complex (Continuation) [F | IG] (Due to channel reshuffle series was taken off air, production company inactive, likely cancelled)
  • Love Lab The Series [T | IG] (No update since 2017 but filming was started)
  • Love Next Door 3 [F] (Facebook no longer mentions it)
  • Lovers in Thailand [T] (All social media has been deleted, said to have been a fake production)
  • May I Love You? the series [T] (Became Thank God it’s Friday the series)
  • My Bromance Season 2 [F | IG] (No update since announcement and production company inactive, likely cancelled)
  • My Day the series season 2 [F] (Rumour that S2 has been cancelled, due to Aki leaving Oxin and joining a new company, but so far no official confirmation. Aki did a live stream talking about the issue. Oxin may plan on recasting Ace and still going ahead.)
  • My Dreamboy [F | T] (Announced to be released on 25/12/2020 but all social media has been deleted, said to have been a fake production)
  • My Dream The Series Alpha [F | IG | T] (Someone got in contact with P’Up and asked about the series. P’Up said he was sorry the series hadn’t been released in 2019 but that he couldn’t say anything about it but that if they have any new projects then they will update the official social channels)
  • My Extraordinary Season 2 : A Kiss to Remember [Y | F | IG] (Shelved)
  • One Night Stand [IG] (J.ACE TV have announced that their current series is their last)
  • Our Last Day [F | T] : Delayed due to recast (Originally planned for 30th April 2018, more than likely cancelled)
  • Penguin’s Trap กับดักเพนกวิน (by แบมแบม) [F | IG] : (Announced to have been picked up by Jinloe but no mention of it since)
  • Sex Friends (เพื่อนกันมัน(ส์)ฟิน) [F] (Discontinued due to internal conflict and lack of funds)
  • Soulmates The Series [F] (Facebook closed once again)
  • Status The Series [F(?) F | T | IG] (Workshop started but no update since August 2016)
  • That’s my Umbrella [F | T] (Facebook page & Twitter renamed. Twitter purged but Facebook still has content relating to the series, just nothing recent, likely cancelled)
  • The Extra SS2 [F | IG] (No update since announcement, production company inactive, likely cancelled)
  • The Law of Love [Y | F | IG | T] (On indefinite hold)
  • The Lawyer’s Love [T | Y | IG | F] (All social media has been deleted, said to have been a fake production)
  • Until Forever [T] (All social media has been deleted, said to have been a fake production)
  • War Of Highschool SS2 [F | T/T] (Jinloe had mentioned it was still coming soon however no update since then)
  • Where We Were [Y | IG] (J.ACE TV have announced that their current series is their last)
  • With Big Love [F] (Facebook closed)
  • Your Star The Series [F] (No recent updates)
  • เธอคือลมหายใจ [F] (No recent updates)
  • นายจอมหยิ่งกับชายจอมยุ่ง (Defeat Arrogant for Love) [F] : (Originally planned for a June 2020 release however has been put on hold)
  • ทัพอย่าเปิดกระโปรงน้อง (by FroggyTime) (Due to the controversy in Thailand about the book’s content the publisher deleted the tweet announcing it had been brought for adaption, the publisher has since stated the novel will be removed from sale and readers can return the book)
  • 神將 (Sheng Jian) [F]
  • 笙声入心 – Your voice, my heart [F]
  • วุ่นรักนักบิด Motor-Cycle the Series [F | IG] : (Originally planned for release in May 2020 but no update since August 2020)
  • โดยตัวละครชุดเดียวกัน (Memorie, Destiny, Miracle & Cupid) [IG] (IG deleted)
  • เกมเมอร์และน้องเด๋อของเขา (The Gamer and his Lover) [T] (Announced that production has stopped due to cost and inability to agree between parties)
  • စည်း The Series [F] (Facebook closed)

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