Sun. Dec 5th, 2021
(Last Updated On: July 16, 2021)

This list only contains those series with CONFIRMED casts. I’ll keep it updated😁

🟢Wednesday: Golden Blood
🟢Wednesday: Siew Sum Noi เสี่ยวซำน้อย
🟢Thursday: The Yearbook
🟢Friday: Top Secret Together
🟢Friday: The Best Story
🟢Friday: Hometown’s Embrace
🟢Sunday: My Boy The Series

🎯July 17: Love Area The Series
🎯July 23: Call It What You Want Season 2
🎯Aug: Check Out Series

2gether The Movie
Absolute Zero the Series
Art Adore En The Series
Bad buddy
Baker Boys (not really BL)
Bed Friend Series
Between Us The Series
Bite Me
Bitter Sweet (My Engineer casts)
Brothers Season 2
Cutie Pie Series
Destiny of Love ภพรัก
Destiny Seeker The Series
Emergency Love
Fahlanruk The Series (2022)
Want To Be On Your Mind
Love Area the Series
Love Mechanics
Love Stage
Middle Love พี่เจตคนกลาง
Mr. Bad Guy The Series
My Boy the Series วุ่นนักรักซะเลย
My Engineer 2
My Last Love ฮักแรกคือเขาฮักเจ้าฮักสุดท้าย​
My Ride
Not Me เขาไม่ใช่ผม
Our Stories
Paint With Love
Secret Admirer the Series
Secret Crush on You แอบหลงรัก
Seven Project (Wabi Sabi)
Something in My Room
Tell The World Love You (postponed)
That’s My Candy
The Bangkok Boys Series
The Best Story
The Miracle of Teddy Bear
The Sweet Robot
The Theory Series
The victory Academy (So Much in Love sequel)
The Yearbook
Tomorrow Love พรุ่งนี้ไม่สายที่จะรักกัน
What Zabb Man
You’re My Sky

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My name is Per Lund Sittichai-Patpasit and I am one of the administrators here

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